Everything Dies #7

by Box Brown
Box Brownは将来が約束された才能のあるコミック・アーティスト。Everything Diesは彼がシリーズで描いてきた、綿密に描きながらもしばしば笑える宗教的神話の話。キリスト教だけではなく、世界中から様々な宗教の様々な神話を使い、コミックに仕上げている。7巻目になる今回は文明を破壊するために神々が起こした”大洪水”について。広く知られている「ノア」のバージョンではなくシュメール人のバージョン。素晴らしく読みごたえのある一冊!
One of the best and most promising new comic artists out there today, Box Brown writes and draws the Everything Dies zine series as a hard (and oft times hilarious) look into the religious myths of our world. Issue seven is a comic retelling of the pan-cultural “flood myth.” Here we see Sumerian wind god Enlil (a total badass jerk a la an evil pro-wrestler) setting out to destroy the newly-created people of the Earth. The “Noah” of this polytheistic ark story is King Ziasudra, and his trajectory and fate are much different than the Christian Biblical version. Beautifully drawn and deep-packed with “the things that make you go hmm,” Everything Dies will keep you reassessing who we are and what we've built our shared narrative from. This is one of the most rewarding titles you'll read all year. Massively, joyfully, fist-pumpingly recommended!

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