Nine Gallons #2

by Susie Cagle
"Food Not Bombs(爆弾じゃなくて食べ物を!)"の活動に賛同した著者がサンフランシスコでの活動体験をコミックにしたコミック・ジンの2巻目。理解してくれないルームメイトや、解決策よりも批判ばかりを繰り返す仲間、少ない助けのもとに続けていく活動…。後半の彼女とその友人のやりとりにある「大切なのは(活動を)することじゃなくて、うまくすることなのよ」という言葉が核心を突く。
It's issue two of Susie Cagle's celebrated Food Not Bombs comic zine, 9 Gallons! This time around Susie addresses issues of volunteer burn-out, misguided agendas, and activist in-fighting. Hers is the story of San Francisco Food Not Bombs (specifically, for this issue, the underdoggy Civic Center lunch.) Over the course of 32 packed pages we get Susie dealing with her roommate just not gettin' it, fellow activists offering critiques but not solutions, and working hard with little help. But it's also fun—and funny—and Susie gives both a conversational insider look and a brief biographical sketch of the (non)organization. It's a struggle the whole way through while Susie looks for inspiration, answers, and hope, and runs up against nine thousand gallons of contradictory activist philosophy. An important moment (and message) comes late in the zine when Susie chats with a friend over email who tells her, “It's not about doing it, Susie. It's about doing it better.” Part Food Not Bombs primer, part clear-headed look at volunteer ethics and philosophy, 9 Gallons' second issue is above all a great well-drawn story, a relevant discussion, and a thoroughly enjoyable read. Susie Cagle lives in Oakland and blogs regularly at

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