Things are Meaning Less, 1st Edition

by Al Burian
伝説的パンクバンドBlack Flagの言葉、「ブラック・コーヒー飲んで、壁を見つめる」で始まる、滑稽で悲しいリアルなアメリカの若者の日常が切り取られたコミックブック。Punk Planetに寄稿している作者ならではの視点で、シンプルながら味のある絵で描かれた傑作。
Opening with a telling quote from punk band Black Flag ("Drink black coffee/drink black coffee/drink black coffee/and stare at the wall"), Things Are Meaning Less is a tough, funny, heartbreaking look at young, disillusioned American life. You might know Al from his zines Burn Collector and Natural Disasters or from the band Milemarker or his so-true-it-kicks-your-face-off column in Punk Planet. This however, is Al's collection of comics published in the late '90s by designer and fellow zinester Ian Lyman. From Portland to Providence, Al patrols his world with a dark, stoic humor. He's a Saul Bellow-ian everyman, up against the wall, suffering the blows, looking for love and loving the metal. Like Al's latest issue of Burn Collector, the comic-heavy #14, the drawing here is simple but it's the kind of simple that doesn't come with beginner's luck. The stuff here is the result of years of fighting and trouble-making, of mistakes made and a life scratched out among the sticks and stones. As says Al, "These are things drawn on napkins in airports, xeroxed illicitly during work." So goes the work and world of Al Burian.

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