Snakepit: My Life in a Jugular Vein

by Ben Snakepit
30代に突入するにも関わらず、相変わらず同じスピリッツで毎日漫画を書き続けるベン。この本では、彼がバンドJ Churchの一員として世界ツアーに回ったり、酒を浴びたり、パーティーしたり、ふられまくったりの毎日が描かれている。彼のお気に入りの曲の入ったコンピレーションCDも付いたお得な一冊。ベスト・ミニコミ誌などの賞もとっている実力派。
In a sense, despite turning the big 3-0, Ben Snakepit captures the same spirit in the comics he draws to summarise each and every day of nearly the last decade of his life. In his second collection condensing the last three years we see our hero move to and from Canada, tour the world with J Church, hang out with the Sainte Catherines, meet Mike Watt, get caught in the throes of whirlwind romances and we're there to watch helplessly as he gets his heart broken. There's also more pants-shitting, Adderall tripping and days of doing absolutely nothing to keep the old school fans happy. Also keeping with tradition there's a song allocated to each day and this collection comes with a mix cd of some of those songs for the maximum Snakepit life experience. Voted Best Minicomic - Wizard March 2006! Voted Best local comic – Austin Statesman 2006!

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