Constant Rider Omnibus: Stories From the Public Transportation Front

by Kate Lopresti
Constant Rider's Kate Lopresti describes her zine as, "Comedy, adventure, melodrama, the occasional horror," saying, "I never have writer's block when writing about the bus." Here, collected in book form, are Constant Rider issues 1-7, Kate's personal history as a patron of public transport. Kate stuffs everything she's got into these stories—anecdotes and accounts, from humor to hard times. Says Kate, "When I tell people about an adventure I had on the bus, they usually tell me a story of their own. People who don't ride the bus have nothing to say." Now in its second edition with 64 additional pages, Kate gives us observations, advice, reviews, reading lists, drunken passengers, celebrity sightings, overheard dialogue, and a whole lot of the funny. As writes Donny Smith in the review zine Xerography Debt, "This must be the most hilarious mass-transit zine there is!"

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