Brainfag Forever (BFF)

by Nate Beaty
BrainfagとはBrain Fatigue=精神疲労を指す医療用語。10年ほどの歳月をかけて描かれてきた、作者の自費出版作品を集めたコミックブックです。恋愛と破局、都会生活と田舎暮らし、アートとコンピューター・プログラミングとの両立など、狂った世界での生き抜き方が描かれています。
BFF: Brainfag Forever! collects nearly a decade of Nate Beaty's self-published comics. Brainfag is a medical term for "brain fatigue," culled from a turn-of-the-century Grape-Nuts ad. Nate uses comics to explore self-expression, love and love lost, urban existence versus living off the grid, balancing art and coding on the computer, and generally maintaining sanity in a world gone mad. Featuring extensive new material explaining each issue, including the first 25 years of his life in five pages! Climb inside the head of a cartoonist using comics as cheap therapy.

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