Mostly True: The West's Most Popular Hobo Graffiti Magazine [2nd edition]

著者のビル・ダニエルは"Who Is Bozo Texino"という名の20年の歳月をかけてホーボー(列車を無線乗車で放浪する者たち)を撮影したドキュメンタリー映画の監督。この本はその集大成といったところ。当店一押しです!
by Bill Daniel
Second Edition! 24 Additional Pages of New Material! Four years after the first book, master railroad and freight tag historian Bill Daniel got the team back together to re-build the whole book with 24 new pages and the rest perfected once again. As Just Seeds said of the first edition, "In the age of endless and vacuous graffiti coffee table books with no written content and no sense of history beyond 1980s NYC subway cars, this is a massive breath of fresh air." Gold.
It's possible Bill Daniel is the most inspiring filmmaker of our day. With an impressive filmography that includes work on Craig Baldwin's Sonic Outlaws and as Vanessa Renwick's long-time collaborator, Daniel has crafted a remarkable book to go with his twenty-years-in-the-making Who Is Bozo Texino?—a documentary about modern day hobos, rail workers and a forgotten outsider subculture. It's full of obscure railroad nostalgia—the result of a 25 year obsession with hobo and railworker folklore. Freight riding stories, interviews with hobos and boxcar artists, historical oddities and tons of photos of modern day boxcar tags are all presented in the guise of a vintage rail fanzine.

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